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The marriage between media, place and time

By Marwan Ahmad, Editor in Chief I was asked by some friends why do you want to publish a new magazine, when people  seek their news from the internet?   Isn’t this a losing venture? My response is  a confident no!  While, many peruse the web for their news on a horde of matters, the printed pappable periodicals are not on the endangered list.   Old and young pick up magazines  all over the world to read the latest news to the latest trends. Hayat Washington will join all great print media and be available online also.  I want our audience to be connected with us and reach out to us with ideas and opinions. Since, I was  in middle school I remember how excited I used to get when  my father used to bring the daily  newspaper and weekly magazines home.  As I laid out the periodicals on my bedroom floor I intensly studied every page. More than the content of the newspaper I was facinated by the arrangement of  the titles, photos and text on every page. To me, it was like going into a different zone of interest. This continued with me until my adulthood.  In fact, now, when I walk into a bookstore I am drawn to the  magazine rack.  I have to grab a few and analyze them. This has become an addiction. I’m...

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Family Parenting in Times of Hate: Raising Good Citizens

By Reem Sharaf We are in a bewildering time; a time in which hate, bigotry, oppression, discrimination, and violence is widespread. As adults we reflect on these times and worry about the future and what it holds in store for us. We wish for change and wonder how to initiate it. At the center of all this, our children listen and watch. They hear what we do not say and see what we try to hide. As a mother to a young child, I worry about my daughter and hope she never has to face this negativity. We try...

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